Gas Utilities

Public Utilities

Dominion Energy Utah

(formerly Questar Gas Company) is the only regulated public utility providing natural gas service in the state of Utah. Dominion Energy Utah has over 900,000 customers in Utah and serves approximately 90% of the households in Utah. Dominion Energy Utah is a local distribution company and all investment and costs relating to its distribution system are rate regulated. Dominion Energy Utah obtains gas supplies, transportation, storage and related services from other providers. Together these costs are often referred to as the commodity and supplier non-gas costs. These costs represent approximately 70% of retail customers' gas bills and are passed through directly to customers. Those costs are carefully audited by regulators and reviewed by the Commission in pass-through proceedings.

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Municipal Utilities

Municipal Utilities are considered part of the local government entity and are not regulated by the Public Service Commission. Typically, rates are set by the municipal utility and approved by the city council. Municipal utilities plan and obtain their resources through a combination of: municipal-owned resources, contracts with neighboring larger utilities, participation in municipal power agencies.

The following communities have municipal natural gas utilities: Blanding, Hildale, Levan, Mona, and Nephi.

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